Saturday, August 2, 2014

From Christ’s Cross To Beyond Eternity

The Holy Throne Of God
The Lamb, Paradise Of God
The Marriage Supper Of The lamb

To All Churches In the Free World
TO All Churches In America


Not Every Man (Assembly) Who Call Me Lord, Lord Shall Enter In The Kingdom Of God, JCON.

Stated Reason For Condemnation, For It’s Much Sin

     This is a final warning, The apostate Church (false assembly) can no longer exist as it is at present, God has given it since Christ’s ascension to convert to True Christianity (righteousness, Conversion, by Christ’s Bloody Cross, Rom. 12;1, 2), yet all it has done over the two millennium given it is all the more descend into immoral anarchy, it’s day of compete deletion has come, you have been served. Apostle, 1986-2016.
WARNING, CAUTION! WARNING, CAUTION! This Building (Church) has been condemned      07/05/2014
       ”It’s always Jesus, Jesus with you Spirit, don’t you have anything else? No, Jesus Dove man is everything, this is death man, and you’ve been wondering around in it all your life trying to figure what you’re to do with it, it’s death, there’s only one thing you can do with it, die! It’s why our friend Sioux hath said, death isn’t the anomaly here, choosing to live only to die eternally is.  It’s what Jesus was asking when He required of man whether they’re to save their lives, that’s Dove man, save their death and lose it unto death eternal, or whether they’re to lose their lives for His sake (Jesus’ Ministry), and gain it forevermore (eternal life).  Jesus is light and life without him Dove mankind abide within the darkness of this world, and then they perish, meaning, you go on to spend eternity in hell.  Ah Christ!” Leaping up, off, a wipe along this exhausting look upon his face, Spirit River didn’t know whether he’d hurt or helped Christian Dove seeming to lament so. “Nobody talk like you man, no body!” I’m sure Dove Man there are some, how do you know these things, even so certain of these things? I don’t, I don’t know, I have like this heart that is totally this outreach and the Holy Spirit take it and use it for that very purpose, this Dove isn’t personally about you, or me. It’s about whatever weapons of righteousness that can be used to reach the lost, and all mankind is lost, right? And this Jesus you speak often of, He’s the Savior? Ok, explain that to me, well first of all there’s a first Adam and a second, this first ever Adam is mankind’s blood lineage which because of a curse of sin is now mankind’s nature, which Dove is from our mother’s womb, Wait, wait, if it’s in the blood, how do we ever get it out? That’s just it Christian Dove man, that is the greatest dilemma of mankind, we, they can’t. My Father told me that while he was reading along scripture recently, the 6th chapter of Roman’s, that it took on this vision, that right there appearing in red letters did it read ‘man can’t do this, only the Holy Spirit can do this,’ What? Ah my god what? So, so what does that mean? Easily Dove, that was the religious leader, carnally minded inquiring of Jesus of that explicitly Holy Spirit at Jesus explaining how death to the flesh must come first of all, (ye must be born again), that no matter what man does and how often, they can’t get the sin out, that Spirit would be a curse, exactly.  Though cursed also Dove is everyone that hang upon a tree, this is what God’s creation of righteousness appearing in the flesh did, choosing through pure blood, horror and tears to become a curse for us, Hanging from that cross, Jesus, this second Adam is mankind’s final opportunity to be born again. Wait, wait, how can cursed blood become a sacrifice for cursed blood? You just said that because of this first Adam all are cursed in their blood. Well God explained it to Satan, the one who’d provoked this first Adam, man and woman to disobey God, how one day HE, GOD, would take mankind’s blood lineage apart. He would separate that making the male sin, from the woman, this miraculous enmity, meaning HE would just this one time Dove, create a human being from the woman’s blood line alone, this is the only way a man can be born sinless, ah my god, ah my god! Having tears in his eyes, as so those now forming in the eyes of Spirit River and Christian Cross who’d been listening from the next room, his son, being gifted to, in a remarkable way explain God’s most elaborate for all times plan, how extraordinary. “Which Spirit is why this Jesus was conceived by a virgin, so this wasn’t simply a man, this was God using the woman’s blood and womb to make of Himself this second Adam as you say, so now all mankind can be like re-born from this nature of sin?  Thus amazingly since He’s God, He’s Holy, so all those born again through the Woman Seed are now Holy and acceptable unto God. This Dove is why Jesus asked of His disciples, who do men say that I am? With Peter remarkably explaining how He was the Christ, the Son of the living God. It’s why Spirit people of faith suffer untold, unimaginable horrors for their faith, every second of the day, as you say this is death, but in Him, in this Second Adam alone is life immortal, my God is Christ, as you Spirit say, I get it now, ah my God, I get it now! I am the way, truth and the life, no man, because He is the Second Adam, God re-made into pure flesh, the first Adam can’t ascend to God, except by Him, washed in His Blood, that unless we love God with all our heart, mind and soul, we cannot serve HIM the way Jesus admonish us to, in Spirit and Truth, only God’s word Dove is truth even made flesh (Jesus). This is what you have been telling me all my life, that’s Dove all of mankind’s life, he is to repent, to be reborn or he’s to suffer the damning consequences of the second death, which is immortal hell. We’re not Dove man talking about a horror so futurist as to be fantasy and imaginary, people Dove of all walks of life open up their eyes in this horrible without word torment with no escape twenty-four hours of each day, which Spirit is why you have such the determination to warn them. To tell them the truth, church or not, you can’t live an unrighteous life and die a righteous death, hell is sin’s inheritance. Again Dove man, we’re all from the womb dead, but the only blessed dead are those who die in Christ Jesus, who go on to rest from their labors and their works of righteousness do follow them. While the majority of people in churches, congregations and preachers preaching, in tithes, offerings and choirs, where Satan’s Seat is, die a second time which is death and hell. To be plain and sincere, people go to church so they don’t have to get saved and if you ask most of them they would probably tell you this, they’re hearers of righteousness, and doers of none, thus, the curse yet remain."  Plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyred.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!!  Beware, Apb, The RAM,
Apostle Patricia A. Bradford, Gilmore

Apostle Patricia A. Bradford, Gilmore

The Holy Throne Of God
God The Father, Son And Holy Spirit

The Spirit and the Bride (Maaseiah), Say Come

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